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Documentary - DUOS


DUOS - Crown / CoreJJ

Crown and CoreJJ are two of the most successful players in the world. As LCK teammates in 2016 and 2017, the duo led Samsung Galaxy to back-to-back World Championship Finals, culminating in a decisive finals sweep of defending champions SK Telecom T1. But for Crown, the celebration was short-lived. Many fans discounted his role in winning the title, a fact that weighed on him heavily throughout his disappointing 2018 season and the subsequent break up of the team. Now on opposing LCS teams in OpTic Gaming and Team Liquid, Crown and CoreJJ look to lead their new teams to success -- and to redefine how they measure it for themselves.

Directed by Brian Bennett, Carr Thompson
Co-Directed by Eunice Cho
Produced by Riot Games

Shot on Sony FS7, Sony a7s
Lensed with Sigma Cine Zoom, Leica R Primes